Ultra Stable Laser Sources

In order to achieve compact and robust laser sources with a high stability and accuracy we have developed a novel set-up where a laser is stabilized using a molecular transition as a frequency discriminator. The stabilization is done by active feedback through cavity enhanced dispersion measurement on the hyper-fine transitions of a molecule sample. The advantage of using molecules is, compare to conventional atomic clocks, that the stable can be interrogated in a small glass cell.The obstacle then becomes effect like pressure broadening and transit time broadening, which reduces the Q-value of our frequency discriminator. These obstacles is mainly overcome by cleverly designing a large waist optical cavity for the cavity enhanced spectroscopy of the molecules. 

At the moment we are working on set-ups using Acetylene to stabilized a laser at 1542 nm and Iodine at 514 nm.

Chip Based Frequency Combs

The quest for high stability and accuracy of modern chip based frequency combs is key for demanding applications in metrology. Great progress has been demonstrated for chip-based Kerr frequency combs, yet challenges remain to be addressed in terms of phase stability and accuracy.
18 JUNI 2018